Enhanced Hazardous Weather Outlook
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Risk - Limited
Risk - Elevated
Risk - Significant
Risk - Excessive
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Severe WX RiskTodayDay 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Severe WX RiskTodayDay 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Tornado ThreatTornado Threat Today Fog Risk Fog Risk TodayFog Risk Day 2Fog Risk Day 3Fog Risk Day 4Fog Risk Day 5Fog Risk Day 6Fog Risk Day 7
Hail RiskHail Risk Today Excessive HeatExcessive Heat Risk TodayExcessive Heat Risk Day 2Excessive Heat Risk Day 3Excessive Heat Risk Day 4Excessive Heat Risk Day 5Excessive Heat Risk Day 6Excessive Heat Risk Day 7
T-storm Wind Gust Severe Thunderstorm Risk Today Fire WeatherFire Weather Risk TodayFire Weather Risk Day 2Fire Weather Risk Day 3Fire Weather Risk Day 4Fire Weather Risk Day 5Fire Weather Risk Day 6Fire Weather Risk Day 7
Severe T-storms Severe Thunderstorm Risk TodaySevere Thunderstorm Risk Day 2Severe Thunderstorm Risk Day 3Severe Thunderstorm Risk Day 4Severe Thunderstorm Risk Day 5Severe Thunderstorm Risk Day 6Severe Thunderstorm Risk Day 7Frost and Freeze Frost and Freeze Risk Today Frost and Freeze Risk Day 2Frost and Freeze Risk Day 3Frost and Freeze Risk Day 4Frost and Freeze Risk Day 5Frost and Freeze Risk Day 6Frost and Freeze Risk Day 7
LightningLightning Risk TodayLightning Risk Day 2Lightning Risk Day 3Lightning Risk Day 4Lightning Risk Day 5Lightning Risk Day 6Lightning Risk Day 7Snow and SleetSnow and Sleet Risk TodaySnow and Sleet Risk Day 2Snow and Sleet Risk Day 3Snow and Sleet Risk Day 4Snow and Sleet Risk Day 5Snow and Sleet Risk Day 6Snow and Sleet Risk Day 7
FloodingFlooding Risk TodayFlooding Risk Day 2Flooding Risk Day 3Flooding Risk Day 4Flooding Risk Day 5Flooding Risk Day 6Flooding Risk Day 7Ice AccumulationIce Accumulation Risk TodayIce Accumulation Risk Day 2Ice Accumulation Risk Day 3Ice Accumulation Risk Day 4Ice Accumulation Risk Day 5Ice Accumulation Risk Day 6Ice Accumulation Risk Day 7
Non-Tstorm WindNon Thunderstorm Wind Risk TodayNon Thunderstorm Wind Risk Day 2Non Thunderstorm Wind Risk Day 3Non Thunderstorm Wind Risk Day 4Non Thunderstorm Wind Risk Day 5Non Thunderstorm Wind Risk Day 6Non Thunderstorm Wind Risk Day 7Excessive ColdExcessive Cold Risk TodayExcessive Cold Risk Day 2Excessive Cold Risk Day 3Excessive Cold Risk Day 4Excessive Cold Risk Day 5Excessive Cold Risk Day 6Excessive Cold Risk Day 7

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Straight River (Bridge Street) Flood Gauge
Historic Crest: 1134.24 ft. on 22-Sep-2016
Maple Creek (Dane Road) Flood Gauge

Historic Crest: 1173.13 ft. on 06-Jul-2019

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