Weather Radio Programming Party

The City of Owatonna received a grant to upgrade the notification systems within the city. All of the outdoor sirens in the city were upgraded. Part of the grant also included the distribution of NOAA All Hazard Radios. Several volunteers came to the Owatonna Fire Station on 27-Jan-2015 to program the first 100 radios to be distributed.

Volunteers were:

Barb KD0KSL, Chris N0CPG, Dale WB0PKG, Dave KC0UVY, Duel N0SL,
Kurt KD0SEE, Mike N0MDC, Tim KD0DKA, and Tom N0UW.

Many thanks to all for giving up a couple of hours to help.

Several pictures taken from the event are included below. (Photo Credit: Dave Purscell)

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